Serving Excellence In Every Grandoise Occassion

Because we are strategic leaders when it comes to hospitality, accommodation and service, our leadership team is always on the move to build strategic coverage to attend to serving the catering sector to both veritcal and horizontal market sectors and thrive towards being at the helm by leaving a professional, world-class footprint behind every time with every customer.

At Yakoon, our overall team has delivered successful partnerships with leading catering conglomerates in the catering universe that accommodated several extravagant events, conferences, weddings, and grand events in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Region as a whole.

In order to maintain a world-class status, as well as to set the right foundations, Yakoon has partnered with globally acclaimed leaders in the catering sector, that brought together leadership and considerable on-ground experience and a sense of locally fitted cuisine that adapts very well to the catering services in terms of freshness, timely delivery, and most importantly, presentation.

Among the many prominent partnerships initiated and maintained by Yakoon is the strong partnership with Kofler Group AG, a German-based leader in the catering universe with a track record of operations distributed among more than 10 nations in South America, Europe, the Middle East and the Eastern Asia.

Through our portfolio of catering, we pride ourselves in providing the following services:

  • Exclusive Catering
  • End-to-End Event Management
  • Event Logistics
  • Client Liaison
  • Valet Service
  • VIP Catering
  • Concession Catering

Distribution Infrastructure

Through our partnership with world-class suppliers, laced with a powerful and strategically built logistics and materials supplier network and professional staffing agencies, our catering services are aimed to accommodate various occassions, including hotels, cafes, restaurants in addition to catering services that are extended towards main events of large caliber and diverse occassions.

Catering Portfolio

Venue: Mercedes-Benz Arena

Location: Shanghai, China

Services Provided:

  • Stadium catering services
  • Concession catering
  • VIP catering
  • Event and show catering
  • Overall hospitality product
  • Design development

Venue & Capacities:

  • 18,000 Seats
  • 12 concession stands
  • 2 Lounges
  • 74 Suites
  • The Mixing Room: 800 Seats

Venue: West Bund Art & Design Center

Location: Shanghai, China

Services Provided:

  • Exclusivity of the event space
  • From concept to execution
  • Event Catering Services

Venue & Capacities:

  • 8,500 sq. meter event space

Venue: Allianz Parque Arena

Location: Sao Paolo, Brazil


  • Over 900,000 visitors attended
  • Over 35,000 hospitality clients
  • Over 150 events
  • 2,000,000 people served

Venue & Capacities:

  • 41,500 seats
  • 45 concessions stands
  • 180 POS stations
  • 120 hawkers
  • VIP Club: 300 seats
  • Convention Center: 1,375 Guests