Maathar Residential Compound

Project Description

Nobu is one of the premier luxury lifestyle brands in the world. With operations spanning five continents, the Nobu brand thrives in many global capitals as a focal destination.  The natural growth of the Nobu luxury brand built on service, image and hospitality offers the complete spectrum of hotel and residences management for unique and selected projects.

YKOON signed an exclusive agreement with Dhaliliyah, the exclusive holder of Nobu in Saudi Arabia, to coordinate its business in Saudi Arabia.

Quick Facts:

  • Location: Al Anoud Tower, King Fahad Road, Riyadh
  • Number of Rooms & Suites: 134
  • Opening: November 2019
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Ball Rooms
  • Executive Lounges
  • Zen Tea Room
  • Executive Spa Area
  • 40 km. away from King Khalid International Airport

Project Details

  • Location: Al Anoud Tower, King Fahad Road, Riyadh