Corporate Profile


The Hospitality Tycoon

YAKOON – an Arabic word which implies “Making things happen” – is a broad and deeply-spirited concept that grew into a well-instituted Saudi-based firm that specializes in serving the hospitality sector. Offering distinct world-class planning and complete hospitality management services, extended to cover all aspects of hospitality operations to hotels and accommodation facilities, Food & Beverage, Franchise operations and Entertainment.

Our team consists of refined multinational professionals with a strategic and executive mindset to provide a distinct pedigree of hospitality services on every level. Our management team brings globally renowned track records of hospitality portfolios from multi-faceted cultures and operation styles, implementing an intricate and detail-centric methodology that reflects pleasant and top-notch services in a professional ecosystem that inspires customer favour and loyalty.

Yakoon’s operations and strategies are also extended towards the planning and execution of campaigns and maintaining services in different sectors, including hospitality, retail, pop-ups, high-end restaurants and many facets of the entertainment sector. Our vision-driven culture defines our dedication towards ambition and professionalism to reach great distances and set ourselves as a particular benchmark and set a leading example in professionalism.

Our staff members are hand-picked, trained and oriented not only to merely do a job; they are accustomed to doing the job with passion and professionalism, while maintaining a globally sought level of quality, with a rewarding career path of personal achievement and development to reach greater distances and opportunities for continuous growth.

We have developed a culture and mentality that enable us to literally partner with regional and global hospitality and entertainment operators in order to create something unique and memorable in quality and deliverables and to set the standards that must be conditions towards exceptional quality and gaining customer loyalty. This was due to setting goals together and keeping our partners involved in every step and gain strategic feedback and to keep them on track and help them innovate through cohesive strategic teamwork.

This is what drives our passion in what we do: We work together to make it happen – or Yakoon – special, unique, professional…

Leadership Team

HH Prince Saud Bin Abdulaziz Al Farhan Al Saud


HH Prince Saud is a self-driven entrepreneur with an impressive portfolio in various strategic investment initiatives. Focusing on the real estate investment and digital media sectors, he is the owner and leading force for a leading real estate Saudi-based company and a managing partner of a Regional Digital Media Group. Having a keenness for Social Responsibility Prince Saud also chairs and leads the Society of Autism Families.

HH Princess Nouf Bint Mohammed
Al Saud

Vice Chairperson

HH Princess Nouf is a pioneering entrepreneur, excelling in the investment and development business sectors through Dhaliliyah Investment. Focusing on the hotels and restaurants line of business, Princess Nouf owns and presides the world-class NOBU Hotels and Restaurants chain with a global fingerprint. Being an avid affecionado of heritage values, she is an active member of The Saudi Heritage Preservation Society.

Mr. Hassan S. Abdul-Hadi

Executive Director

For more than 15 years, Mr. Abdul-Hadi has led strategies and projects through a wealth of experience and exposure in identifying, executing and financing transactions throughout the hospitality sector, and with various M&A transactions in F&B and hotel sectors that span across the US, Europe and the MENA Region.