Smart Hospitality Solutions

Our Services

We provide reliable, effective, and efficient services to our clients. We engage our international experience and national expertise into every client’s vision and work hard to make it a great success. We cover all the aspects of a new business Operation, Sales, Revenue Optimization, Service Culture & Coaching, Finance.

Hospitality Consulting

Hospitality Consulting service is our top-notch rendered offering that we provide our clients. From strategies to execution, we offer a full-proof plan that ensures the smooth transition from the Construction to the Operation phases. We unmask every challenge to enable our clients to stride on the path to progress. Whether at a project status or in operation, we are here to provide you with the level of advice which will allow your business to perform at its utmost level.

Technical Services

We provide end-to-end technical support to a new venture that ensures its compliance. We assist and provide recommendations to our Clients regarding the selection process of a Franchise/License and help them find the most appropriate one for the development. We create detailed roadmaps and their critical paths to meet the brand specifications for the hotel, i.e., the layout of rooms, kitchen, bar, restaurant, and all circulations.



We provide our Clients a Pre- Opening Budget and cashflow for all the necessary activities prior the opening of the hotel. We define the staffing needs and hiring process, we quantify the Operating, Supply and Equipment (OSEs) as well as the Fixture, Furniture and Equipment (FFEs), we plan the Sales, Marketing and Public Relation efforts weeks ahead to open “hot”.

Business Management

We ensure coordination of all hotel activities and ultimately support the hotel team. We coordinate and ensure compliance with all marketing programs and annual objectives. Our team evaluates the performance of administrative, operational, and commercial aspects to monitor all the necessary KPIs (Key Performance Indexes) on the hotel benchmark by providing detailed reporting on a monthly basis.



In case of operations directly run by the hotel brand, we are the asset manager hired by the hotel owner to manage the relationship with the brand and challenge the general level of performance in all aspects of the business. We also monitor the proper asset maintenance by checking the periodical investment when appropriate (FFE reserve, Capex).